What is fusion dance?

According to Wikipedia, “Fusion dance is a type of contemporary social improvised partner dance that combines different dance styles to create a new aesthetic. It does not require conforming to any particular defined dance styles, but typically uses a lead-follow approach that emphasizes musicality.” (“Fusion dance,” Wikipedia, 2024)

In other words, fusion dance enables dancers to draw on and combine different dance styles — especially partner dance styles such as blues, Argentine tango, salsa, zouk, or swing variants — in response to the music, and “in conversation” with one’s partner.

Dance scholar and fusion dancer Fen Kennedy notes that “The techniques of combination and collaboration across difference are the expertise of fusion.” (“Fusion … What is it? The HeadTail Connection, 2018)

Fusion dancer Flouer Evelyn suggests that thinking about fusion dance as a continuum can be helpful, as well. (“The Fusion ContinuumFlouer Dances, 2024)

As for fusion dance lessons, these can be quite wide-ranging in terms of the dance styles they draw from, but they will always emphasize connection with your partner and listening and responding to the music.

What is Fusion Dance with Isaiah Meders & Rachel Hayes

Blues Tango fusion with Greg Carey and Katie Reid from Denver Co

Alain Andrieux & Flouer Evelyn – Fusion Dance Demo